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'''Date(s) of occurrence:1897-present'''
'''Previous/other names: Red Devils, Varsity Reds'''
'''History:''' A UNB hockey club was established in 1897, with the members playing various teams in Fredericton. UNB was not entered into a hockey league until 1903, and performed so well that the University Monthly suggested they be called “Varsity” for more incentive to win. The team was then referred to as “Varsity” in early 1904. 1906 saw the establishment of a Maritime Intercollegiate Hockey League, however UNB, Mount Allison, and Acadia dropped out of this league in 1909, with the intention of creating a new league. This league fell through at the end of the 1911 season. Several other leagues were formed between 1911 and 1939, with varying degrees of success. Disruptions occurred during World War 1 with teams not having funds or players to compete. after the war in 1919, the UNB teams ran into trouble by not having a rink to play on, causing the team to forfeit. 1920 and 1921 saw UNB back in competition with the addition of a hockey coach. At this point, UNB teams were being referred to as the "Hillmen". by 1937 ther game was popular enough that a Junior team was formed to compete in local leagues. By the onset of World War 2, Maritime Intercollegiate hockey was in full swing. 1941 saw the beginning of the restrictions on intercollegiate sports, and as such UNB entered a local Pickerall League. The following year a league was not entered however the team did play several exhibition games, along with the traditional game against Mount Allison University. After the end of the war, the ban on intercollegiate sports was lifted, and tournaments resumed as normal. By 1948 UNB had it’s first Junior Varsity hockey team. 1959 saw senior varsity adopting the name Red Devils. &nbsp;
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