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Dangerous Corner; production company: UNB Drama Society; directed by: Alvin Shaw, 18 - 19 March 1957. UA RG 350; Series 8; Sub-series 2; File 10, Box 1, Vol 3, Slots 2 - 28, 211.

Name: UNB Drama Society

Previous/other names: UNB Dramatic Club (1910 - 1913), Dramatic Society (1938).

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1910 - 1991.

History: In 1946 the Dramatic Society produced two "over the air" plays from CFNB radio station. The broadcasts received mixed reviews.

Activities: Members of UNB Drama Society partook in all aspects of theatre: acting, directing, set building, lighting, make-up, costuming, and publicity. Each year the group awarded the Bailey Cup to the best actor in the group, and the Cattley Cup to the greatest contributer to the Dramatic Society.

Note(s): The UNB Drama Society was the oldest student drama organization in Canada, and one of the oldest student organization on the UNB campus.

In 1940, the UNB Dramatic Society donated the proceeds from certain productions to the Spitfire Fund.

In 1956, the UNB Drama Society's production of Dangerous Corner took home every award at the New Brunswick Regional Drama Festival in Bathurst, NB.

In 1964, the Student Disciplinary Committee found the Drama Society guilty of misusing funds. Members of the Drama Society were receiving kickbacks, and storing donated funds in an un-recorded bank account. The Society's files were seized (including letters mentioning kickback arrangements), and involved parties were charged.


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