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The Dineen Memorial Lectures began in 1980 and honour former engineering professor and UNB president James O. Dineen. The lectures, which focus on technology and its impact on society, are sponsored by the University of New Brunswick, the Faculty of Engineering in Fredericton, the Department of Engineering in Saint John, and the Associated Alumni of both campuses.

Date Name of Lecturer Title of Lecture
13 November 1980 Alexander Curran "Technology - Catalyst of Growth"
19 January 1982 G. M. Lindberg "Canadarm"
15 March 1983 A. J. Mooradian "Nuclear Power - Where We Are and Where We Are Going"

"Energy - The Creeping Crisis"

12 March 1984 George G. Garland "Modern Ideas on Isostasy and Tectonic Plate Bending From Gravity Data"

"Earthquake Prediction: Fact or Fiction?"

11 March 1985 Alan G. Davenport "Storm Winds and Structures"

"The Rage of the Elements: The Challenge of Wind and Wave to Engineering Design"

11 March 1986 Carl S. Ledbetter "Think Fast: Computing in the 21st Century"

"Future Trends in Large Scale Scientific Computing"

10 March 1987 Martin Levine "Engineering Applications of Robotic Vision"

"Intelligent Robots - Past, Present, Future"

15 March 1988 Karl H. Doetsch "Space Station: A Catalyst for Scientific and Technological Development"

"Space Station: A Gateway to the Planets"

28 March 1989 George S. Petty "Prospects for the Pulp and Paper Industry in New Brunswick under Free Trade"

"The ALCELL Process--Technological Change in the Pulp and Paper Industry"

4 April 1990 John S. MacDonald "Managing Planet Earth: The Role of Spaceborn Earth Observation Systems"

"Technology of Measuring Earth from Space"

10 April 1991 Peter Cashin "Computing: The Foundation of Telecommunications"
10 March 1992 John A. Cherry "Industrial Contaminants in Aquifers: Their Behaviour, Control and Removal"

"Groundwater Pollution: Nature and the Cause of the Problem"

9 March 1993 Michael Caughey "The Information Technology Game - An Ex-New Brunswicker's View"
1 March 1994 Gustav J. Olling "Manufacturing Excellence"

"CAE/CAD/CAM Strategy - Simultaneous Engineering"

22 March 1995 Terrance E. Rummery "Scientific and Engineering Research--Who Needs it?"
28 February 1996 James K. Simpson "United Nations Engineering Challenges and Activities int he Former Republic of Yugoslavia"

"An Overview of Conflict in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia from a UN Engineers' Perspective"

20 March 1997 Bruce Hutchinson "A Historical Perspective on Some Canadian Engineering Projects"

"Toll Roads--Economy and Efficiency or Political Abdication"

23 March 1998 Karl Astrom "Intelligent Control"

"Automatic Control - The Hidden Technology"

17 March 1999 James C. Otis "Knee Replacement Following Tumor Resection as an Alternative to Amputation: Design, Treatment and Evaluation"

"Assessment of External and Internal Knee Devices: An Enhanced Gait Analysis Approach"

27 March 2000 David Sanborn Scott "From Steam Engines to Fuelcells: A Story of Civilization-Engineering Intimacy"

"The Architecture of Energy Systems: What's constant, what changes, where we've been, where we are going"

20 March 2001 Philip Mattos "Navigation from the Astrolabe to GPS and Beyond"

"GPS from Suitcase to Silicon, from the Chassis of the 80s to the Chip of Today"

3 April 2002 Kerry Rowe "Some Remaining Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Challenges of Waste Disposal"

"Landfills: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - an exploration of evolving waste disposal practice and its environmental implication past, present, and future"

25 March 2003 Peter G. Jollymore "Telecom: Fragmentation in Progress"
29 March 2004 John L. Mann "Forging the Link Between Industry and Academia"
21 March 2005 Darcy Spady "Energy and Education - Collaborating for our Future"
17 November 2005 Caroline Baillie "Engineering and Society"
29 October 2006 Pierre Bilodeau "Geospatial Support to Military Operations"
2007 No lecture given
18 March 2008 Michael S. Whitford "Nothing Great Happens Without Enthusiasm"
24 March 2009 William O. Kennedy "St. Clair's Wonderful Curve"

"Keeping my Skis Straight"

25 March 2010 Suhas V. Patankar "Airflow and Cooling in a Data Centre"

"Wonders of Scientific Simulation"

3 March 2011 Scott Fogler "Applying Chemical Engineering Principles to Maintaining Flow Assurance in Off Shore Pipelines"

"Revisiting Asphaltene Precipitation from Crude Oils: A Case of Neglected Kinetic Effects" "Globalization and Cooperation: Chemical Engineers Working to Solve Problems in the Next Decade"

2012 David G. Ullman Untitled lecture
19 February 2013 Richard J. Marceau “Canada: Winning as a Sustainable Energy Superpower,” - See more at: http://blogs.unb.ca/newsroom/2013/02/13/unbs-annual-dineen-lecture-to-focus-on-sustainable-energy-in-canada/#sthash.5PropZF3.dpuf"Canada: Winning as a Sustainable Superpower"


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