Carol Ashfield Loughrey

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Carol Ashfield Loughrey graduated with a BBA from UNB in 1970. Her career details show her to be a woman of many 'firsts': first tenured woman professor in the Faculty of Administration at UNB, rising to the position of Assistant Dean and Associate Professor in 1986; first woman chartered accountant by examination in New Brunswick; first woman chairperson and CEO of the century-old Canadian Institute for Chartered Accountants (CICA) in 1994. In 1987, Loughrey was seconded from the university by Premier Frank McKenna whose policy it was to promote competent women to senior positions within the civil service. Loughrey became the first woman comptroller of a provincial government; she later served as the first woman Deputy Minister of Education in New Brunswick.

For her services to the Province of New Brunswick and for her advocacy role in establishing local, provincial, and national support groups to assist women living with breast cancer, Carol Loughrey received the Order of Canada in March 2005.


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