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'''Other Names:'''
'''Other Names:'''
'''Location:[[File:Bryan Preistman Plaque.jpg|frame|right|top|370x380px|Bryan Preistman Plaque. PR; Series 2; Sub-series 3; File 721. Item 10.]]'''
'''Date Unveiled:'''
'''Date Unveiled:'''

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Name of Memorial/Commemoration: Bryan Priestman

Other Names:


Date Unveiled:


Named for: Bryan Priestman, former professor of Physics at the University


Plaque Inscription/Text Associated: In proud memory and appreciation of Dr. Bryan Priestman, Professor of Physics in this university 1928-1945, Squadron Leader R.C.A.F 1940-1945, who valiantly gave his life attempting to save another in November, 1945. Erected by the Veterans' Club The University.



  • Plaque Inscription: University of New Brunswick Public Relations Department Photograph Collection; Series 2; Sub-series 3; File 721; Item 10.

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