An Ordinary Bunch of Boys

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Throughout its fine history, UNB has had many songs and cheers that were created, sung, and chanted by its students on special occasions. Click here for a list of all the songs.


We're just an ordinary bunch of boys And not so very neat; We seldom wash our face and hands We NEVER wash our feet; Our collars and cuffs are seldom clean, We're always on a spree Oh! we're the kings of the universe For we're from U. N. B.

New Brunswick men, they like their fun But when it comes to die, You never hear them moan or groan You never hear them sigh They climb right up the golden stairs As you can plainly see, And at the gate they meet St. Pete And he's from U. N. B.

Now if you chance to wander From the straight and narrow path, And if you've flunked your "morals" As you flunked your Freshman "Math" Now don't be disappointed When you hear the funeral knoll, For we've an Alumni chapter In the deepest depths of Hell!

Note(s): An alternate version of this song has a chorus between the first and second stanzas, which reads as "Oh, Alma Mater/Tra-la-la-la-la-la/Dear Alma Mater/Tra-la-la-la-la-la".


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