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Several of the university songs date back to the late nineteenth or early twentieth century, with students using music to address a variety of topics, including campus life, professors, sports, and special events.

Included below are a sample of song lyrics; several more, including those of a topic not related to UNB, are found in sources listed at the bottom of the page. Song lyrics have been transcribed as written in the sources below. Topic headings are taken from the 1928 edition of Carmina, the songbook of UNB. It should be noted that these songs are products of their time and may reflect views or opinions which are considered offensive today.

Carmina songbook, [1881]. Acc. 2010.05; Series 1; Item no. 39, File 3.
College and Campus Sports
"A Capital Ship Boola
A Retrospect Can't You See We'll Trim You
Alma Mater Everybody Turn Out
Alma Mater (Jubilate) Fan's Song
Alma Mater (Nunc Est Bibendum Fratres) Football Song (1881)
An Ordinary Bunch of Boys Football Song (1898)
Boating Song Give Us Another Score
Cannon Song Hit the Line
Co-ca-che-lunk (1881) If
Co-ca-che-lunk (1921) It's a Long Way
Concrematio Analyticarum On the Football Field
Engineering Camp Song Parlez-vous
Examinandum Est Peggy O'Neill
Freshie Sympathy
If You Want the Freshmen That Football Line
It's a Way We Have at Old U.N.B. Untitled (It's a big day)
Jolly U.N.B. (1898) Untitled (So it's goodbye to old Acadia)
Jolly U.N.B. (1926) Untitled (UNB hit it up, and sing her praises)
Lauriger Horatius 'Varsity
My Girl's a Crackerjack We're Forever Making Touchdowns
My Girl's a Crackerjack II
Rambling Rake of Poverty
Sign Song (1921)
Sign Song (1930s)
Smoke, Smoke, Away
Sophomore Logic
Tangent, Cotangent
The Freshman's Fate
The Profs' Song (1912)
The Profs' Song (1921)
The Profs' Song (1926 or 1927)
The University of New Brunswick
To Calculus, Good Bye
U. N. B. Anthem (Alma Mater)
U. N. B. Song
U.N.B. Young Man
Up in Keswick
Vive L'amour
Vive La Compagnie (1898)
Vive La Compagnie (1921)
Vive La Compagnie (1928)
Where, Oh Where (1881)
Where, Oh Where (1898)
Where, Oh Where (1904)
Where, Oh Where (1921)


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