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First Used: 1956

UNB coat of arms, [after 1956]. UA PC 12; no. 20 (3).

Details: Combining images from both the Beaverbrook crest and the coat of arms of New Brunswick, the UNB coat of arms consists of a red background with two beavers on either side of the Book of Learning, which is inscribed with the university's motto Sapere Aude ("Dare to be wise"). The beavers represent Lord Beaverbrook, UNB's first chancellor, while the Book of Learning represents education and knowledge. The black ship on a gold background at the base is drawn from the New Brunswick coat of arms.

The King's College coat of arms is adopted from the royal coat of arms of The Royal Gazette.

History: Initiated by Beverley Macaulay in May 1953, the senate approved a committee to create a coat of arms for the university which, under the name of the University of New Brunswick, had never received a grant of arms. After years of debate and multiple attempts to find an agreeable design, the senate committee submitted a final design and was officially approved by the College of Heralds in May 1956. The coat of arms is used for formal occasions, such as on diplomas, transcripts, official invitations, and for ceremonial purposes, including Encaenia.

In 1996, the UNB coat of arms was “repatriated” at a ceremony at Rideau Hall. Governor General Romeo LeBlanc presided over the registration of the symbol with the Canadian Heraldic Authority.

King's College coat of arms, [18--]. Acc. 2010.05; Series 1; Item no. 233, File 10.


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