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The Sir Charles G. D. Roberts prize is an annual award for the best short story submitted by a graduate or undergraduate student. Named after [Charles G. D. Roberts], a prominent Canadian writer and alumnus of UNB, the first prize was won in 1960.

Year Name Student of Title Held at UNB Archives
1960 Gertrude Mogg UNB Fredericton "Little Gold Box" Yes
1961 Alistair MacLeod UNB Fredericton "The Party" Yes
1962 Thomas S. W. Lewis UNB Fredericton "The Hiking Boots" Yes
1963 Robert Todd UNB Fredericton   No
1964 Robert Cockburn UNB Fredericton "Joshua Howard Night" Yes
1965 Christina Bruckner Unknown "The Puppet" Yes
1966 Frank Loomer Unknown   No
1967 Douglas Leyden (co-winner) Unknown   No
1967 Patricia Pacey (co-winner) UNB Fredericton   No
1968 Patricia Pacey UNB Fredericton   No
1969 Not awarded     No
1970 Micere Githae Unknown "Zawadi (Gift)" Yes
1971 Sheelagh Russell Unknown "Fairhearted Lucy" Yes
1972 Not awarded     No
1973 Beverly Mitchell UNB Fredericton "Letter from Sakaye" Yes
1974 Brian Bartlett UNB Fredericton "Woman On Hill" Yes
1975 Glen Murray UNB Fredericton "The Reprieve" Yes
1976 Not awarded     No
1977 Colleen Bradshaw UNB Fredericton "Impulses" Yes
1978 Gwyn Martin Unknown "Foxblood" Yes
1979 David West Unknown "Uncle Harry is Dead" Yes
1980 Deborah Brent Unknown   No
1981 Not awarded     No
1982 Kevin Yerxa UNB Fredericton "Goodbye, Mr. Carson" Yes
1983 Alice Roberge Unknown "In the Name of My Sister" Yes
1984 Karen Braun UNB Fredericton "Morning Games" Yes
1985 Jamie Dopp Unknown "Bernie's Boots" Yes
1986 Carl Leggo Unknown "A Yellow Rose" Yes
1987 Randy Campbell Unknown "Love Story" Yes
1988 Kwame Dawes UNB Fredericton "Moribund" Yes
1989 Not awarded     No
1990 James E. W. Dort Unknown "John the Baptist" Yes
1991 Shawn Malley UNB Fredericton "The First Sentence" Yes
1992 Ann Winslow UNB Fredericton "A Potential Customer" Yes
1993 Anne Ryan UNB Saint John "A Farmer's Story" Yes
1994 James Kelley (Seamus o Ceallaigh) Unknown "White-Fatigue Syndrome" Yes
1995 Michael Belyea UNB Fredericton "Drowning" Yes
1996 Mary Rogal-Black UNB Fredericton "The Road Rises Up" Yes
1997 James Kelly (Seamus o Ceallaigh) Unknown "Where People with Tattoos Waited for the Dark" Yes
1998 Darryl Whetter Unknown   No
1999 Nalini Iype Unknown   No
2000 Katherine Miller Unknown "The Apostles" Yes
2001 Stephen Richard Atkinson UNB Fredericton   No
2002 Vanessa Moeller UNB Fredericton   No
2003 Joel Katelnikoff Unknown   No
2004 Ross Andres Merriam Unknown   No
2005 Gail Marie Sawlor UNB Fredericton   No
2006 Allison M. Blaney UNB Fredericton   No
2007 Stephanie Joan Yorke UNB Fredericton   No
2008 Jilian Charles Renaud Unknown   No
2009 Benjamin Anderson UNB Fredericton   No
2010 Greg Morrison UNB Fredericton   No
2011 Nikki Chapman UNB Fredericton   No
2012 Richard James MacFarlane UNB Fredericton   No
2013 David John McConnell Unknown   No
2017 Meaghan Laaper     No


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