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John Metcalf. UA PR; Series 1, Sub-series 7, Item 7773

John Metcalf was the University of New Brunswick’s fourth writer-in-residence for the 1972-1973 academic year. He was appointed to the position by what he calls the "good offices" of a UNB professor Kent Thompson, a fellow writer "who argued that the university should assist younger writers instead of automatically piling honours on those already laden." He spent most of his time during his appointment in grief over the breakdown of his first marriage, and was not unhappy to leave Fredericton.

While Metcalf held the postion after Dorothy Livesay and before David Adams Richards, he did not technically succeed or proceed either of the two writers. Rather, he held his position while Alden Nowlan was still the permanent writer-in-residence at UNB. 




UA Case 191: Section 2; John Metcalf

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