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Well, here we are, well here we are, Just watch us rolling up a score, We'll leave Mt. A. so far behind, That they won't want to play us any more, We've faith and hope in U. N. B., To win we cannot fail, And a boola, boo and a boola, boo And a bool, boola, boola, boo.

Chorus-- Boola, boola, boola, boola, Boola, boola, boola, boola, When we rough-house old--- They will holler boola, boo.

Now isn't it a shame, now isn't it a shame, To do those fellows up so bad. We've done it before and we'll do it once more Tho' it makes them so very, very sad. We'll roll the score so very high, That you will hear them sigh, And a boola, boo, and a boola, boo, And a boola, boola, boola, boo.

Note(s): This song first appears in the 1912 edition of Carmina.


  • Carmina Universitatis Novi Brunsvici. Fredericton, NB: Literary and Debating Society of the University of New Brunswick, 1912.

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