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The Beaverbrook Lecture Series, which began in 1961 under the initiative of Lord Beaverbrook, was presented under the auspices of the Beaverbrook Canadian Foundation after the death of Beaverbrook in 1964. In a speech to UNB students in 1960, Beaverbrook stated, "In order to speak well, you must study other speakers...we are going to bring more able speakers to the university; you must come to hear them," and in the ensuing years he made good on his promise, bringing prominent speakers to the university for public lectures. The lectures were usually held annually on the UNB Fredericton campus, near and sometimes in conjunction with Fall Convocation. Many of the speakers had honorary degrees conferred upon them at the Convocation. The lecture series consisted of formal lectures as well as informal discussions by high profile speakers, typically from Great Britain, on a subject in the speaker's field of interest.

Date Name of Lecturer Title of Lecture
2-4, 6 October 1961 A. J. P. Taylor* "The Study of History"
"The Problem of Nationalism"
"Lloyd George"
"Soviet Russia and the World"
"Origins of the Second World War"
"The Craft of the Historian"
27-28 September, 2 October 1962 John Innis Mackintosh Stewart* "English Literature: The Day Before Yesterday"
"Short Stories of D. H. Lawrence"
"Joyce Cary and Graham Greene"
"Lytton Strachey"
3 October 1963 Randolph Churchill* "Writing the Life of Sir Winston Churchill"
15 October 1964 Sir Arthur Bryant* Subject: Samuel Pepys (unknown title)
5-7 October 1965 Quintin Hogg "What Are The Humanities?"
"What Is Our Future?" (Convocation address) 
"The Place of the Modern University in Society"
11-13 October 1966 John R. Gordon "The Press and Government in Britain Today"
"British Political Leaders of the 20th Century"
Convocation address (unknown title and subject)
10-11 October 1967
Sir Frank C. Francis "Knowledge and Information"
"Libraries and Their Inhabitants"
7-9 October 1968 Richard W. Briginshaw "Trade Unions - Social and Economic Implications"
"World Trade and Development" 
Unknown title and subject
6-8 October 1969 Sir Thomas Blackburn "Business Leadership"
"Lord Beaverbrook"
"Parliament and the Press in Britain"
19 October 1971 Dr. Derek J. Marks "Some Aspects of the State of Britain"
16 October 1973 John Junor Subject: European politics and journalism (unknown title)
  • These speakers were not given the designation of Beaverbrook lecturer at the time of their visits, but were categorized as such after Lord Beaverbrook died in 1964 and thus are included in this list.


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